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Where to join a raid.

Raids are special gamemodes that opens every 30 minutes and spawn in a random world. To enter the raid, you need to spend a Raid Ticket, which can be bought with Robux, claimed from Daily Reward, using a spin at the Daily Spin and Codes. Also you can collect HallowShards.png to buy raid ticket in Time Trial Shop. The HP of the bosses scales with the power of fighters, player amount and location that you have discovered.

  • The raid lasts 10 minutes, which means players have 10 minutes, the shield will show up and start spawning the enemies again. This will repeat until the boss has died, if you win the game, you'll receive 3-5 shards but if you don't defeat the boss in time, you wont get any shards. You can use shards to craft craftable fighters.
  • On massive raids you can get 13-20 shards, but they are more difficult.

Here are the raid bosses in every world:

Raid Bosses
World of Origin Copyright Name Anime Name Image
Super Island Brakta Beerus
Super Island Raid.png
Ninja Village Kamui Kaguya
Ninja Village Raid.png
Crazy Town Dievollo Diavolo
Crazy Town Raid.png
Fruits Island Pirate King Kaido
Fruits Island.png
Hero Academy Undercarry Overhaul
Hero University Raid.png
Walled City Monke Beast Titan
Walled City Raid.png
Slayer Army Demon King Muzan
Slayer Army Raid.png
Ghoul City Kaki Kaneki
Ghoul City Raid.png
Chimera Island Spider Chrollo
Chimera Jungle Raid.png
Virtual Castle Gaben Gabriel
Empty World Hwa Yhmach
Curse High Chosen Choso
XYZ Metroplis Emperor Alien Boros
9 Crimes Island Pure One Estarossa
Pure One.png
Destiny Island Shadow Sakuya
Lucky Kingdom Light
Land Of Alchemy Dad
Merry Raid Santa

Also here is table for all location raids bosses hp and recommended DPC if u have reached Land of Alchemy. (Massive raids included)

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