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Spooky Island is one of the event islands inside Anime Fighters Simulator and is the first ever event island for Halloween 2021.


Spooky Island is a spooky area with many dead trees, pumpkins, and orange floor. The quest-giver in this map is Handy, There are also other fightable NPC's known to be as "Pitchfork," "Shovel," and "Torch."

There are two bosses in this area, the first being the Huntress, which is the NPC at the spawning area. The main boss is Old Hunter, which is a strong boss with 3.6M health.


Name Image Uncopyrighted Name Health Type
Pitchfork None 30k Enemy
Torch None 75k Enemy
Shovel None 180k Enemy
Huntress None 300k Boss
Old Hunter None 3.6M Boss
Jacques None 3M Secret Boss