Anime Fighters Wiki

Beta Release (June 12, 2021)

June 12, 2021, the game was released for beta testing. To play the game, you had to be in the Sulley group. The group closed when it hit 2,000 members.


Release (June 13, 2021)

On June 13, 2021, you no longer have to be in the Sulley group to play the game. The Sulley group was unprivated and there was a promotion where if you reach World 2 (Secret Village), you will get 300 Gems in Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator. The name of this game was changed to Anime Fighters Simulator.

Update 1 (June 18, 2021)

- 7 New Characters


- New World (Hero Academy)

- Fighter Index

- Index Rewards

- Pity System

- Bug Fixes

- UI Improvements

The inventory limit was decreased to 50, but you can expand your inventory by completing the Fighter Index and buying the backpack gamepasses. All of the Eggs were renamed to Stars.

Update 2 (June 25, 2021)

- New island: Walled City!


- 11 new fighters!

- New Drip Star in Noomek!

- New fusion mechanic!

- Auto-open + Auto-sell + Auto-lock!

- DPS counter!

- Localization support!

- Minor improvements + bug fixes

Update 3 (July 3, 2021)

Demon slayer update .jpg

- New Island: Slayer Corps!

- 11 New Fighters!

- New Time Trial! (Entrance in Noomek)

- New Hokage Star in Secret Village!

- Free 2x open! (Unlocked by reaching Room 24 in the Time Trial)

- Some fighters have new shiny FX!

- Many minor fixes + improvements

Update 4 (July 11, 2021)

- New Island Ghoul City!


- 11 New Fighters

- Upgrades + Multipliers!

- New Requiem Star in Bizarre Town!

- Fighters with swords actually use them!

- Balance changes

- Many minor fixes + improvements

Update 5 (July 17, 2021)


- New Island: Chimera Island!

- 11 New Fighters!

- Quests, Badges, and Mounts!

- New Yonko Star in Orange Line!

- Level Cap Increase to 110!

- Balance Changes

- Many Minor Fixes + Improvements

Update 6 (July 25, 2021)


- New Island: Virtual Castle!

- 15 new Fighters!

- New upgrades +1 equip!

- New AOT mount!

- Youtuber codes!

- Increased level cap to 120!

- New settings!

- Patched broken characters + Robux Fighter buff

Update 7 (7 August, 2021)

Bleach Update.jpg

Update 7 - Empty World is Out!!  

Update Log:

-New Island: Empty World

-22 New Fighters

-Raids + Crafting

-Critical Hits + New Upgrades

-New Shifter Star in Walled City!

-Increased Level Cap to 135!

-Added shiny abilities to old fighters!

-Balance changes + improvements

-Bug Fixes

Update 8 (August 21, 2021)

JJK Update.jpg

-New Island: Curse High !

-16 New Fighters

-Daily Rewards Spinner

-Search in Fighter Inventory

-Merchant visits random worlds!

-VIP server controls + new gifting options

-Level cap increased to 150

-Bug fixes, general improvements, and balance changes

Update 9 (September 4th, 2021)


-New Island: S City!

-16 New Fighters

-Passive abilities + Reroll machine! (Hero Academy)

-New Monster Star in Ghoul City!

-Gamepass gifting + boost pausing

-New MASSIVE raids for increased shards!

-Balance overhaul!

-Bug fixes + improvements + new settings

Update 10 (September 19th, 2021)


-New Island: 7 Crimes Island!

-16 New Fighters + 2 New Mounts!

-Incubator in Slayer Corps!

-New Chimera Star in Chimera Island

-Boost pausing replaced by Potions (Inventory)

-Level cap increased to 175!

-New passive + some rebalanced!

-Bug fixes + improvements

Faces were removed from fighters.

Update 11 (October 3rd, 2021)

Update 11.jpg

-New Island: Destiny Island!

-12 New Fighters

-Twitter Verification coming soon

-New Star in Virtual Castle

-New Incubator in XYZ Metropolis

-Level cap increased to 200

-Character design overhaul

-Bug fixes + improvements

Update 12 (October 17th, 2021)

Update 12.jpg

-New Island: Spooky Island! (Limited Time)

-12 New Fighters

-Gamepass gifting is back!

-Two new stars on Spooky Island

-New Time Trial Shop

-Character design changes

-Bug fixes + improvements

Update 14 (November 6th, 2021)

Update 14.jpg

-New Island: Luck Island

-11 New Fighters

-Halloween Event is over

-New Hollow Star in Empty World!

-New Defense Mode! (Purchase in TT Shop)

-Max open for insane luck!

-Character design changes

-Bug fixes + improvements

Update 15 (November 21th, 2021)

Update 15.jpg

-New Island: Land of Alchemy!

-16 New Fighters

-Enemies can spawn with passives!

-New ultra-rare Divine fighters

-New Sorcerer Star in Curse High!

-New Sorcerer Passive!

-Voice chat!

-Raids now spawn every 30 minutes!

-Level cap increased to 210!

-Bug fixes + balance changes + improvements

Update 16 (December 7th, 2021)

Update 16.jpg

-New Island: Slimey Island!

-16 New Fighters!

-4 New Passives!

-New Upgrades!

-New Blast Star in XYZ Metropolis!

-Bosses can't spawn with Tiny or Giant anymore!

-Bug fixes + balance changes + improvements

Update 17 (December 18th, 2021)

Update 17.png

-New Island: Flame City

-12 New Fighters + 2 New Divines!

-Fruits + Meteors!

-Use fruits to craft shiny fighters in Chimera Jungle!

-New Deadly Star in 9 Crimes Island!

-Limited time Christmas event!

-Christmas Divine (last 4 worlds), Raid, Shards + Passives!

-Bug fixes + balance changes + improvements!